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Batman Returns, the Novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner


Batman Returns the Novelization
by Craig Shaw Gardner
based on a screenplay by Daniel Waters, story by Daniel Waters and Sam Hamm

Novelizations sometimes provide a bit of additional characterization by filling in some of a character's thoughts or providing additional context, and they sometimes include deleted scenes or fragments of scenes from earlier drafts.  There's a bit of both in Batman Returns, and while none offer stunning insights, it does provide one additional way to experience and revisit this best cinematic interpretation to date of Bat and Cat.



"This is everything Catwoman is and should always be – sneaky, clever, mysterious and tremendously sexy…  I never could have imagined a better Catwoman/Selina. Her level of sarcasm is impeccable (“Honey, I’m home! Oh, I forgot I’m not married”) and she adds plenty of sex appeal to the film." 
-Batman: 10 Reasons Why Tim Burton’s Was The Best; What a Culture



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