Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle learn each other's identities

It's really unfathomable, with a dramatic watershed like this as it's predecessor, The Dark  Knight Rises could have thrown away the revelation of each other's identities like a troublesome bit of housekeeping that had to be gotten out of the way.


Batman Returns
Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer

Bruce Wayne has a business meeting with Max Shrek.  Selina Kyle is his secretary.  An innocuous meeting, but it got the job done.  Though they were denied the happy ending of The Dark Knight Rises, it's a far more satisfying Batman and Catwoman, and a far more satisfying Bruce and Selina than the later effort.


The word is chemistry.  Not only was Michelle Pfeifer's Catwoman vibrantly sexy, her Selina had a vulnerability and nuanced humanity that later incarnations lacked, and best of all, her scenes with Bruce sizzled with possibilities.  The actors once dated, and maybe that made the difference. 


Maybe too a script that explored the inherent drama of the relationship rather than denying it and losing it in extra characters.  When the petting gets heavy and Bruce and Selina are approaching intimacy, it is their scars that keep them apart.  And then there's the electric moment when identities are inadvertently revealed. 

You can watch Batman Returns now on Amazon Instant Video or own the DVD or Blu-Ray.  There is both a novelization and comic book adaptation, and a modest assortment of action figures and collectables.  You have to be careful searching for the last, however, since there is a glut of Dark Knight Returns items out there, and search algorithms are easily confused.

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