Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...

Batman: The Last Angel
by Eric Lustbader

An obscure misleadingly named Elseworld in which Selina and not Bruce is the protagonist.  It also has the unique distinction of having been described by Chris Dee as having "more than a little of a Cat-Tales-esque Selina... She is a superb thief, as she should be, informed and educated, as she should be. And the dynamic with Bruce and Batman is such that it will leave you wishing there was more to come in this continuity." 


Of course she is a world-class thief, and her current prize is the pre-Columbian mask of a Bat-god.  In the manner of the One Ring of Middle Earth, the spirit of the mask seems to be manipulating events to get itself into Batman's hands, and when it succeeds, the ancient and blood-thirsty god possesses him.  Can Selina save him?



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