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Batman 291: Where were you the night Batman was Killed?



Batman 291
by David V. Reed

This might just be the first comic book mini-series.  Batman has disappeared and rumors run wild in the underworld as to what happened to him.  In order to decide who shall have the credit, the fame and glory among criminals as the one who took out the Dark Knight, a trial is convened.  Ra's al Ghul presides as the judge, Two-Face the prosecutor that will cross examine the most promising claimants and poke holes, if he can, in their story.  Each of four issues deals with the testimony of one self-accused perpetrator, showing their story in flashback.


The first to testify?  The Catwoman!


Of course she takes the stand in widow's weeds, and more than a few whisper that it can't be true.  Catwoman doesn't kill (something even the scum of an earlier era understood that eludes the modern writers) and "if she loved anyone, she loved the Batman."


It isn't a particularly romantic tale, but it is a wonderful slice of that earlier time when a Batman fought a Catwoman, and the attraction that survived decades was communicated to and understood by generation after generation by a few well chosen words, a gesture, and quite often dots that were left for readers to connect for themselves.  (More than 20 years later an amusing Untold Tale was suggested that Catwoman's concocted story about how she murdered Batman was a means to infiltrate the trial and learn who actually did, and that she planned to take revenge when that party was revealed but was prevented by the events of the last installment.)


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