Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle kiss



The Further Adventures of Batman Volume 3 Featuring Catwoman
edited by Martin H. Greenberg


The Forensic Files of Batman
by Doug Moench

Batman Returns Novelization
by Craig Shaw Gardner


by Chris Dee


The Long Halloween
by Jeph Loeb


The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne Brave and the Bold #197 by Alan Brennert

The Nail
by Alan Davis

Detective Comics Annual #7 by Chuck Dixon

Batman: The Last Angel
by Eric Lustbader


by Jeph Loeb


Photo Finish and Desire
by Devin Grayson

Detective No. 27
by Michael Uslan

Batman 308-324
by Len Wein
Comic arc with Bruce Wayne dating Selina Kyle, subplot begins Batman 308 and culminates in 2-Part story Batman 323-324

Red Skies
Comic arc by Doug Moench
resolving Nocturna/Nightslayer storyline begins Batman389/Detective Comics 556 and kicking off Batman/Catwoman partnership (A Night on the Town Batman 392) peaks around Batman 396.


Batman Adventures #34-36
In Memoriam/The Book of Memory
by Kelley Puckett, Ty Templeton

Legends of the Dark Knight by Doug Moench

Legends of the Dead Earth:
Catwoman Annual #3, 1996
by Joan Weis

Catwoman: Year 2
Comic arc Catwoman Vol I #38-40
by Doug Moench

Catwoman: Hints and Allegations
Comic arc with Joker during No Man's Land, Catwoman Vol I #63-65 by Devin Grayson


Batman: Bloodstorm
by Doug Moench


Batman 291: Where were you the night Batman was murdered?
by David V. Reed


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