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Cover of Cat-Tales: Book 1 by Chris Dee



by Chris Dee

  Amateur fiction does not belong on this list, and the archivists have no intention of expanding it to fan works. Cat-Tales, however, is a body of work that has had such influence on the creators of the official franchise, it cannot be ignored. We don't feel it falls under the heading of fan fiction, since the author is no fan of the official franchise but a harsh critic and commentator.  We believe it is best viewed as an independent artwork that has acted as a corrective mechanism for the corrosive effects of corporate ownership.

  DC Comics holding of copyright allowed writers and storylines to take hold that would not have endured through the  normal procedures of storytelling, such as the continued prominence of Talia al Ghul, unpopular with both writers or readers but created by a man who obtained power in the company.

  Cat-Tales does its best to provide a course correction, although it does not always succeed, it points the way.

Book 1
A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Reputation
Heard the Latest
Such an Idiot
Domestic Affairs
Fun 'n' Games
Plan9 from the Demon's Head
The R-Word
Watering Hole
We Gather Together
Knight Before Christmas
Times Gone By

Book 2
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue
Dearly Beloved
What's New Pussycat
Loose Ends
Trick or Treat
Blonde Jokes
Awkward Pauses

Book 3
Highland Games
An Arkham Tale
Women Lacking Complexity
An Iceberg Tale
Go Rin No Sho
World's Finest: Red Cape, Big City
Strange Bedfellows
Polishing Silver
Identity Element

Book 4
Deja vu All Over Again
Napoleon's Plan'
String Theory
Fortune Cookies
The Gotham Post
Amuse Bouche
The New Black
Casefile 001

Book 5
Riddle Me-Tropolis
Short Tales
War of the Poses
I believe in Harvey Dent
Armchair Detective
Not My Kink
Demon's in the Details
Do No Harm

Book 6
Don't Fear the Joker
Electron 29
A Bon Chat Bon Rat
Comedy of Errors
The Gotham Rogues
Wayne Rises
Inside an Enigma
NMK Inc.
Spontaneous Generation


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