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Catwoman: Hints and Allegations
by Devin Grayson


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Scam Alert: Even before "The New 52" began renumbering all DC Comics titles, the company was doing everything possible to create confusion about Catwoman comics, presumably to make it easier to bury bad reviews and derail forum discussions.  For purposes of this website, the Catwoman Volume 1 comic began in 1993 and features the purple Balent costume.   Though DC has made every effort to call this "Volume II" that designation belongs to the reboot in 2001 (which again started with an issue #1) featuring the Darwyn Cooke black costume with goggles.  This website will never link to the purchase of those comics, but if you are not following our link, take care that if you are buying "Catwoman 12" or whatever, it is really the series you wish to buy. 




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