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Catwoman attacks Wayne function in Detective 27



Detective No. 27
by Michael Uslan

The name Michael Uslan is better known to Dark Knight aficionados as "The Boy Who Loved Batman" and the man who pushed hard and tirelessly to make his dream of a Batman film a reality. 


His go at an Elseworld Graphic Novel is called Detective No. 27 and it does star Bruce Wayne rather than "Batman," acting as the 27th member of a secret society of sleuths.  So far, so good. 


A period piece it appears to have taken a nod from Ragtime, working in as many historical figures and references as it could, and providing an exhaustive bibliography of same.  It also has has a few elements in common with Batman Begins: the evil nemesis's plot is to poison Gotham City with a mind-altering drug that induces intense fear, that much is noted in the Amazon reviews.  The reviewer missed a second parallel, this Selina Kyle is Bruce's childhood friend akin to Rachel Dawes in Begins.


We're left to wonder what the hell happened?  Here Selina/Catwoman is the sole love interest, beautiful, sexy, capable and a childhood friend of Bruce's.  Even if she is not his full equal socially, she is certainly close enough to his world to not be street trash.  If this is the guy behind the Nolan movies and he started off with such a non-toxic view of her uncontaminated by DC's joint quest to promote Talia and relegate Selina to the gutters, we're left to wonder what went wrong by the time she made her appearance in the Nolan trilogy.


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