Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...

Speaking of meta, what's so special about Florence, Italy?  

"I was a bit let down."
~Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight Rises


The Dark Knight Rises failed Selina Kyle as a character, the Bruce/Selina relationship, and most of all the fans.  Where it succeeded was the meta.  Who noticed that Bruce is in purple, the real Catwoman color as far as most fans are concerned, while Selina wears Batman blue, the Dark Knight's color in another universe, a brighter 4-color world where these two made a life together and found their happy ending. 

It was called The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne, and it's one of many hidden gems that many readers may not know about. 


This site will offer a guide for the best of Bruce and Selina to be found in Movies, Television and elsewhere. 


Speaking of meta, the savviest of Bat/Cat aficionados may suspect why that final scene of the Dark Knight Rises was set in Florence, Italy rather than in Rome or Paris.  Do you?


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