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Justice League of America: The Nail
by Alan Davis

For want of a Nail, a horse was lost.
For want of a horse, a battle was lost...


The premise behind this Elseworld is that a "nail" such as the one in the poem prevented the Kents from finding baby Kal-El, and in a world without Superman - a Superman who was raised as Clark Kent - the DCU turned out very differently.


On an unintentional meta-level, it is also somewhat: for the want of the right people in charge, a comics company was lost, for this story resurrects the heroes that were wiped out in Crisis on Infinite Earths when DC flushed the 60 year history of the company and remade everything based on the premises of Frank Miller: people suck, heroes are damaged, you're all losers anyway so here are some hero-substitutes you can relate to. 


"The word here is Quality, not Quantity. This is a DCU story, not a Batman or Gotham story, so Bruce and Selinaís role isnít that large. I donít care. Here we have their relationship as it should be. Itís perfect and itís powerful."


In the Red Rain storyline just prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Doug Moench completed a tour de force getting Batman and Catwoman together in the way readers had been waiting for since Bruce and Selina dated years earlier.  Then editorial meddling clearly took the relationship out of his hands (as when Selina actually says on panel that she is behaving out of character) but The Nail very much reveals how that relationship should have played out. 


There is also a sequel Another Nail, which continues to treat Bruce and Selina's relationship properly.  Ah, what might have been if better minds had power at DC Comics...



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