Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...


by Chuck Dixon


This fantastic pirating adventure is everything an Elseworld should be, taking the known characters and transplanting them to a different time, place and genre while preserving the essence of all they should be.


Bruce is not Batman but "Leatherwing" captain of The Flying Fox, a "legal" pirate in that the British crown allowed and encouraged privateers to attack and plunder the ships of enemy nations.  (The enemy nations didn't feel that way. They're pirates.)


Selina - or rather Felina was a Spanish Contessa (i.e. an enemy nation) who forsook that life for that of a pirate queen.  Her ship is the The Cat's Paw.

Leatherwing's enemy, the Laughing Man comes to her with an alliance.  She will pretend to be that which she was born as: a landed Donessa of Spain, thrown from a ship in sight of The Flying Fox.  Taken onboard, she will learn the location of Leatherwing's treasure trove and base: Vespertilio Cay.  


The plan is quickly abandoned when Felina and Leatherwing fall in love, but it can't be that simple because a barbaric chieftain has decided Leatherwing is married to his daughter!


Leatherwing was a Detective Comics Annual (#7) available in Trade Paperback and is reprinted with other Elseworlds in Superman and Batman Alternate Histories.


There is a sequel: Bride of Leatherwing which ran as a back-up in Batman Chronicles #11.


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