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Batman and Catwoman clandestine rooftop meeting in Photo Finish by Devin Grayson



Photo Finish
by Devin Grayson

"This is a case of Less is More."


A one-shot in Batman Chronicles 9 in which Batman and Catwoman are only minor characters but what a stunningly memorable appearance it was, confirming the rooftop games we all suspected they played.


Batman and Robin come upon Catwoman at an establishment that is really beneath what we would expect of her (hm, almost as if the meeting was prearranged.)  Batman tackles her and pins her in two of the most provocative panels seen of them at the time, outside of fan art, and tells Robin to "Go... Round up some evidence."   Robin's adventures meeting up with Batgirl make up the bulk of the tale, and when he returns, Catwoman has, er, "escaped."


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by Devin Grayson

Another one-shot, this time a series of silent dialogueless vignettes revealing each member of the Batman-family's hidden desires.  The action opens with Catwoman stealing a necklace from under Batman's nose (indicating yes, she is part of "The Bat Family") and comes full circle when he arrives back at the cave, and after Alfred and Robin have departed, he removes his mask and settles in for a little video-watching: Catwoman burglaries.  Something about the way he is reclined in that chair and the placement of the hand over his utility belt, he's clearly watching for recreational rather than professional purposes.

"(Devin's early work) picked up on something more nuanced than the big brassy Catwoman-centric comics did. (She showed) a promise with Batman and Catwoman that never manifested when she got to actually write them."
~ Chris Dee, who built on both episodes in the the early Book One Cat-Tales.




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