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The Dark Knight Rises
Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway

You have to wonder at the hubris of a movie homaging the masquerade dance in Batman Returns when its big revelation of identities was Bane dropping Batman's surname in front of Catwoman.  It's not the only sin in the flawed finale of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, but fans forgave a lot when Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle finally got the happy ending we always wanted to see. 


In Mr. Nolan's world, that HEA could not possibly happen in Gotham.  Instead it was in Florence, Italy.


Why?  Is it a random city or was there some deeper significance?  We found the jaw-dropping answer at Gotham After Dark, a viral site that came out prior to The Dark Knight Rises which frankly presents a more interesting Catwoman preparing to burgle Bruce Wayne.  We asked the creator, Cat-Tales author Chris Dee, to explain:

What's so special about Florence?

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