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The Forensic Files of Batman by Doug Moench


The Forensic Files of Batman
by Doug Moench

After the readers, the one who lost the most when Denny O'Neil took over as editor of the Batman comics was writer Doug Moench, whose preference for Selina as Bruce's love interest made him ill-suited to O'Neil's dreams to remake the Batman universe in his own image. 

Virtually the first thing O'Neil did was make Moench dismantle the beautiful Batman/Catwoman partnership he had crafted in the Red Rain storyline, and while he continued to do the best he could for Bat/Cat fans in the years that followed, too often it wasn't much. 


The Forensic Files of Batman may well be a frustrated man's effort to go elsewhere and write his bliss without such editorial interference.  It is an elementary textbook on forensic science, written for laymen in the context of Batman stories (which are far more enjoyable than anything coming out of the comics at the time.) 


The Catwoman chapter is quite delightfully written from Alfred's perspective, and as Cat-Tales's Chris Dee has recommended this volume, it may even be a precursor to the seminal Polishing Silver: The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth


In any case, it is recommended as the best Batman prose collection you will find for legitimate sale at a commercial establishment and bearing the blessing of the publisher.


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