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The Further Adventures of Batman Vol 3 Featuring Catwoman


The Further Adventures of Batman Volume 3: Featuring Catwoman edited by Martin H. Greenberg

A mixed bag in every way, this collection of short stories by different authors was made, like much at the time, to capitalize on the popularity of the Tim Burton movies.  Volume 3 featuring Catwoman was to cash in on her popularity from Batman Returns, but like most efforts involving her, it ran afoul of Denny O'Neil's machinations to marginalize the character, sabotage anything that made her Bruce's love interest and use the bully pulpit of the editor to clear the way for his creation Talia al Ghul.


All the stories in this collection quote the same two lines of dialogue from the execrable Her Sisters Keeper by Mindy Newell, portraying Selina as the most ignorant of street trash, a loser with no resources but to sell her body, a nobody who could not possibly become the beautiful, vibrant, educated and classy Catwoman who is not only Batman's equal but worthy of being Bruce Wayne's partner.  It was clear all writers tapped to contribute to this collection were given that work, and the wisest merely took those two lines and ignored as much of the rest as they could.  The result is the readable


Creatures of Habit
by Paul Kuppenberg


by Greg Cox


The Cat's-Eye Crown
by Kay Demijohn


The City that Could Not Breathe
by Will Murray


and the not too tainted
A Knight at the Opera
by Jeff Rovin


As a perusal of the Amazon reviews will attest, the rest is so offensive to any right-thinking Catwoman fan it may poison the entertainment value of the rest of the book. 


While there is the level of background acknowledgement the Bat and Cat attraction that satisfied comics-readers of the '50s and '60s, there is nothing  to excite a modern reader and certainly those accustomed to the prose of Cat-Tales will find little to scratch the Bat/Cat itch.


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