Quote: Do you, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle...

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween
by Jeph Loeb; Tim Sale

"I owe Catwoman... much."


Set in the early days of Batman's career, but without the stink of Frank Miller's cynical nihilism, The Long Halloween took the high style of Film Noir and cinematic influence of movies like The Godfather and The Great Gatsby to weave a tale of rising tension between the established mobsters of Gotham and the rising theme rogues.  It is nothing less than a masterpiece, and Selina Kyle is the love interest, and just for good measure, Catwoman saves Bruce Wayne from enslavement to Poison Ivy.


It is an undisputed masterpiece, yet Denny O'Neil spent his tenure as editor trying to declare it an Elseworld1 to keep continuity free of a Selina capable of standing at Bruce's side at the manor, at one with him and his world.


Despite his best efforts, its influence only grew as it went on to become the principle comic influence behind Nolan's The Dark Knight.



"It's been said that Jeph Loeb never wrote a Batman story as good as The Long Halloween, but then neither did anyone else." ~Chris Dee

1And trying to make the true Elseworld Bride of the Demon declared in-continuity since his tantrums succeeded in getting his lady laid.



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