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Julie Newmar as Catwoman in The Purr-Fect Crime



The Purr-Fect Crime
 /Better Luck Next Time

      Adam West and Julie Newmar

The first time we saw a live-action Catwoman, it was Julie Newmar and she made an impression that solidified the comics character's stature forever as the woman in Batman's life, the enemy who won his heart.  The Dark Knight Rises paid its homage, of a sort, in mimicking her look.  It's a shame they didn't take more.


"For me, the initial attraction was the sheer fun that she had being bad.  She was who she was, she wanted what she wanted, and she was going after it.
 She obviously reveled in the power she had from her own sensuality. And there is just nothing sexier than that confidence: you know who you are, you like who you are, so you be that 100%. Women who are like that are just incredible to be around. They are more alive, and that intensity of life and passion is just contagious.  You want some, so you want them.
  It's woman and cat: this is me, and Iím not toning it down for anybody. You canít handle it, you better go someplace else and find what you can handle." 
~Chris Dee


Whenever the Batman '66 Facebook page shares a picture of her, it immediately scores more likes than any other villain, or any other actress's Catwoman.  When the new Batman '66 comic puts her on the cover, it sells more.  Time and again, the truth makes itself apparent, no matter how DC Comics tries to deny it: Catwoman is the favorite (and Julie is the favorite among Catwomen).


The first two-part episode hits the cat theme over the mutual attraction: Catwoman (the name Selina Kyle was never used in the series) steals a pair of gold cat statues, and the cliffhanger forces Batman to choose between "the lady or the tiger" (although, alas, the Dark Knight is no great thinker in this series and there is no logic in his choice, no attempt to solve the riddle.) 


The two cat statues create a treasure map which lead Catwoman and the Dynamic Duo to a cave where, too greedy to let go of her plunder, Catwoman apparently falls to her death.

The only real allusion to the attraction between man and woman is after her fall when Batman wipes a tear. 


Fear not, Bruce/Selina fans, things get better.  Tune in next time, Same Bat/Cat Time, Same Bat/Cat Channel.


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